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Kerryanne English

I might be a bit old fashioned Linda but I grow flowers especially for picking. My whole garden is filled with flowering plants but I do have specific plants that are grown just for blooms for the house. I have vases filled with flowers all through the house.

Can you imagine how heart broken I am now that my garden has been destroyed by Melbourne's heatwave and lack of water. I'll start again but there's no replacing established bushes that are 18 years old. Thankfully, most of my roses have survived.

Thanks for this interesting question.


That's a gorgeoud Flower pic. I also pick that jasmine, though Alan wouldn't allow it in the car

i cant sew

we have jasmine at our front door!! not good for us asthmatics but i cant get rid of it, i love it too much. last year mia would pick a flower for lilis teacher every morning on the way to school. mostly from the church garden as our garden is a bit BORING :)
mmwwaah rosey


It must be in the air around the world! I picked violets from my back yard flower bed just yesterday morning, and waxed poetic about them on my blog! The thing is, it's Winter in the US. However, central California Winter isn't everyone's typical Winter. But it did freeze overnight. And this is the proper blooming season for my pretties. Lovely thought {your question}.


I picked roses from my ever tolerable bushes for my 84 year old Granny just recently and wrapedt he stems in Foil just as I did as a kid.
My Gran loves to be given Blooms from a garden with wethered bits and Imperfections as opposed to perfect ones from Florists

clare bower

Today .A friend let me go wild with the roses , lucky me .
clares craftroom

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