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i cant sew

i am the same as you, i cry at everything. at the moment that show about reuniting families after adoption is killing me and the triple 000 emergency show, i clutch the tissue box and thank god for my family at every minute. i havent seen a movie for ages but if it has a sad moment i will be a blubbering mess!!

Trish Goodfield

Okay this could be very embarrassing and I don't want it held against me. The movie I sobbbed like my heart was breaking was The Summer of My German Soldier. It starred Kristy McNichol. Yes I am showing my age. I also cry at airports when complete strangers get off planes and are greeted by loved ones. Alan won't let me near the arrivals lounge.

Elizabeth Holcombe

I'm coming it too late, I think, but I just got my 'puter back from the hospital.~~~I don't cry hardly ever, but when I go to movies I cry A LOT! To my shame I have cried at: 1. Shrek, 2. Frost/Nixon, and 3. Forrest Gump. I have also made noises I was crying so much, at 1. Saving Private Ryan, 2. Million Dollar Baby, and 3. Gran Torino. I am a mess.~~~XXOO, Beth

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